My Restaurant Training

I have before me a copy of a 1968 Dinner Menu from The Terrace Grill at The Dorchester London. I undertook my Restaurant training there and “stole” the menu which I now find good reading. It shows the difference in how menus were presented and the prices charged, just a mere 47 years ago. Here is a section on page one. Over the coming weeks, I will add the next section which is quite interesting where 12.5% service charge is shown at the end of the menu! Diners just accepted it! This is where I served Gregory Peck, Jack Benny, Elizabeth Taylor, Juliet Prowse and other famous stars of stage, screen and TV. The older generation will well remember these famous names. The highlight for me was serving vegetables to Douglas Bader, the great Battle of Britain pilot who lost both is legs and still managed to fly for The RAF. I also cleared his table which was an added bonus. If you haven’t seen Reach for the Sky, do so. Fabulous film and available on line and at your local video store.