Changes in the hotel industry

I’ve recently decided that as my hotel career began in 1963, there have been so many changes in this incredibly interesting hotel industry, some would be worthy of “blogging” to the up and coming career minded younger generation and others who may wish to read such information. Some of my fellow hotel managers of similar maturity may be reminded of their early days and reflect on how they started and where they ended! Given that I have over 50 years in one industry and that there is a good chance that many of these younger industry disciples may reach 50 years of commitment, maybe one or more may like to blog in the year 2065 about the changes that have taken place in their career. Wish I could be around to witness and read what will undoubtedly be a more technical and streamlined world. For better or worse that is! Who knows? Unfortunately I will be approaching 120 years old and will be competing with fellow hotel managers like Ted Wright, Stephen Lewis, Pierre Stacher, Rob Atlee, David Horovitz, Wolfgang Grimm, Roger Wright, Philip Hele and many others encountered along the way, to operate “the Pensioners Paradise Resort” in Heavensville. May the best person win.

Each blog, I will raise interesting topics such as changes with food and beverage, payroll and penalty rates, telephone systems, accounting systems, guest recognition and acknowledgment and more. Communicating in the 60s ….was by mail, telegram or telex, so this type of blog would not be possible. So let’s start with the great invention of the Computer and how it has changed the business world. This will feature in the next blog so watch this space.