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Cultural Hawaiian Massage: The Royal Ka Huna - 2 hrs
$ 317

The Royal Ka Huna. 90 minute Lomi Lomi massage with a 30 minute body scrub. The unique massage movements reflect the ebb and flow of the ocean. Aimed to release tension, stretch and energise the body.

Relaxation Massage: Calming & Soothing - 1 hr / 90 mins
$ 150 / $ 200

Calming and Soothing A full body massage integrating Swedish and Eastern traditions for a deep sense of overall calm.

Pregnancy Massage: Gentle Nurturing - 1 hr / 90 mins
$ 157 / $ 207

Gentle Nurturing. A relaxing treatment using oil blends aimed at enhancing cell regeneration and circulation. (Suitable after first trimester).

Heated Stone Massage 1hr/90mins
$ 167 / $ 217

Enduring calm with heated stone therapy. An ancient technique delicately connecting you to the Earth’s healing foundations. Heated stones are strategically placed on the body and used to smooth away tension (90 min includes a foot cleanse and scrub)

Remedial Massage: Deep Healing - 1 hr / 90 mins
$ 157 / $ 207

Deep Healing. Targeted release for stored tension with a focus on specific muscle groups.

Integrated Massage: Tailored Therapy - 1 hr / 90 mins
$ 167 / $ 217

Tailored Therapy. Combines massage techniques to suit specific areas of need. Customised with your chosen aromatherapy blend

10% surcharge applies on Sundays and public holidays

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