Cultural Hawaiian Massage

2 hrs $310

The Royal Ka Huna. 90 minute Lomi Lomi massage with a 30 minute body scrub. The unique massage movements reflect the ebb and flow of the ocean. Aimed to release tension, stretch and energise the body.


1 hr $150

90 minutes $200

Calming and Soothing  A full body massage integrating Swedish and Eastern traditions for a deep sense of overall calm.


1 hr $157

90 minutes $207

Gentle Nurturing. A relaxing treatment using oil blends aimed at enhancing cell regeneration and circulation. (Suitable after first trimester).


1 hr $167
90 minutes $217

Heated Stone Therapy. An ancient technique delicately connecting you to the Earth’s healing foundations. Heated stones are strategically placed on the body and used to smooth away tension. Includes a foot cleanse and soak.

Remedial Massage

1 hr $157

90 mins $207

Deep Healing. Targeted release for stored tension with a focus on specific muscle groups.

Integrated Massage

1 hr $167

90 mins $217

Tailored Therapy. Combines massage techniques to suit specific areas of need. Customised with your chosen aromatherapy blend

Aromatherapy Add On

Extra $10

Complete the experience with a specially selected essential oil blend to help ease tension, detox and balance the body.

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