Uplift the senses with a Body Wellness session

Body Wellness


Private Yoga

$175 (60 minutes)

Unwind, restore and reboot. Private yoga classes are held in the idyllic rainforest surrounds. Classes are personalised to beginner or seasoned practitioners. Our teachers are trained in a variety of yoga styles to best suit your needs.

Private Guided Meditation

$175 (60 minutes)

Focus your mind and allow yourself to drift away through guided meditation. Applying breathing and other relaxation techniques, find your inner peace amongst the surrounds of the rainforest.

Infrared Sauna Sessions


To be used in conjunction with any other treatments. Experience an anti-ageing, collagen boosting, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, calorie burning and mood boosting in our infrared sauna. A session in the infrared sauna includes chromo-therapy lighting and music therapy to recover, detox and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

5 senses Forest Bathing

$205 / $265 (1-3 persons/5-10 persons)

Experience something truly unique. Forest mindfulness the ancient art of Forest bathing. Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku. This experience is about immersing yourself in the rainforest and tapping into its healing qualities. It is about actively listening while gently moving through the forest. You will be guided, quietly walking, with a mind intent on the sounds, scents, colours and ``feel`` of the forest.

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