Border Ranges National Park

Border Ranges National Park is a World Heritage rainforest park on the rim of a vast, ancient volcano. Pinnacle Lookout offers views of Mount Warning, the escarpment and all the way to the coast. The park is a haven for native fauna such as Alberts lyrebird and the pouched frog. You can reach Border Ranges National Park via the Tweed Range Scenic Drive. This is a well-maintained gravel road, but following heavy rains and particularly during the December to May period the surface can be rough or slippery in parts. The Tweed Range Scenic Drive will take you to all the lookouts, walking tracks, picnic areas and camping areas of the park. It’s a spectacular and always interesting drive through the largest tract of subtropical rainforest in Australia. Highlights include the Pinnacle Lookout, Blackbutt Lookout and Bar Mountain picnic area set amid the Antarctic beech, plus the Brindle Creek picnic area. There are walking tracks at every picnic area and each offers something different.

Photo courtesy the Department of Environment and Climate Change
Photographer Geoff Biddle